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Posted by on October 2, 2016
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Off Market Boutique Hotels

Off Market Boutique Hotels

Off Market Boutique Hotels are of interest, and relevant to, the users of the Ultra Primus off market property portal. In comparison to large hotels, which for various reasons would tend to only be of interest to hotel brands (be it directly or under franchise/operating licence), boutique hotels:

(a) are often for sale within a price range whereby they are feasible purchases for an Ultra High Net Worth individual(s) (UHNWs)

(b) are often owned by UHNW individuals already

(c) are sometimes suitable for use as (or reversion back to) a family residence/compound

(d) can be a trophy asset whilst still delivering returns and being a useful business tool

Sourcing off market boutique hotels

The search for property in this particular part of the real estate market can be difficult and time consuming.  As with many businesses (and particularly so for high profile, luxury hotels) there is almost always a seller preference for discretion in order to protect the ongoing operations of the business.  Both from a customer and staff-retention perspective, current owners will be keen to ensure that continuity is maintained and thus a very low-profile, targeted marketing campaign is necessary. Furthermore, due to the often visible connections between the UHNW owners of the properties and the businesses themselves, there is a reputational aspect which must be considered and managed.

Boutique hotels are therefore invariably off market boutique hotels, hence the use of an experienced and knowledge buying agent is particularly relevant.   Buyers wanting to purchase such a property will of course instruct their buying agent to scour the property market for turnkey opportunities i.e. those which currently operate as boutique hotels.  However for the more adventurous buyer or where there is a desire to create a specific type of hotel, the market (and off-market) for large residential properties must also be considered as many of these, including castles, country houses, large townhouses, lakefront villas and beachfront mansions, offer outstanding scope for development in to the perfect hotel property.

The Off Market Property Portal

Regardless of the budget, bedrooms, condition or location required, our off market property portal is the best tool for property professionals and HNW/UHNW advisors when conducting such a search.  To register for this unique, members-only service, please click here.