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Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Please describe the services offered by Ultra Primus.

    Ultra Primus operates a members-only, online network/portal for Off Market Property – enabling the discreet marketing of luxury residences to a relevant audience.  The amount of information made available for a listing is entirely at the discretion of the property professional representing each property.

  2. What is Off Market Property?

    Whilst Off Market Property is defined in different ways by different property professionals (and property owners), for the purposes of our service, we describe it as ‘discreetly marketing a property, out of the public realm‘.

  3. Is Ultra Primus a property agent/broker?

    No, Ultra Primus provides a portal and networking service. We have no involvement in any property transactions.

  4. If a property is added to the Ultra Primus website, doesn’t it become ‘on the market’?

    No, a ‘listing’ on our website: (a) carries no compulsion to specifically identify the property, (b) remains out of the public domain, (c) is only seen by relevant property professionals and (d) creates no ‘digital footprint’

  5. Who can access the off market properties?

    Access to our members-only website is reserved for property professionals, advisors to high net worth and ultra high net worth individuals and other professionals/companies who are able to demonstrate a direct, relevant connection to HNW/UHNW individuals.

  6. Is there a fee for accessing the off market property listings?

    No. We would like to encourage as many buyers’ representatives as possible to use our service and feel that charging a membership fee would detract from this goal.

  7. Does Ultra Primus charge a commission for facilitating deals?


  8. How does Ultra Primus make money?

    We charge a simple, per-listing, flat fee of £149 which enables an off market property to remain on our website until sold or let.  There are no on-going fees.

  9. How will Ultra Primus improve the Off Market Property sector?

    Whilst Off Market Property deals do currently take place, the methods for ‘marketing’ these properties: are laborious, make insufficient use of technology and are relatively inefficient.   Our service will enable those responsible for discretely  marketing these properties to more efficiently inform a larger (but still very relevant) audience about the availability of a property without identifying the residence itself.  The positive feedback we have received thus far has reinforced our belief that a superior system for promoting these properties will improve the operation of this niche and, in turn, will increase the number of properties sold using an off market strategy.

  10. Where are the properties located?

    There are no geographical restrictions however the common denominator is that each property should be relevant to the High Net Worth or Ultra High Net Worth community. Consequently, most of the homes will be concentrated in a relatively small number of communities and will generally fall in to one of two categories: City (e.g. London, New York, Monaco, Rome, Shanghai, Melbourne) and Leisure (e.g. Aspen, Lake Como, Costa Smeralda, Tuscany, Marbella, Martha’s Vineyard). 

  11. Can all property types be listed?

    Whilst we have no specific restrictions, our main focus is on residences and second homes for HNW and UHNW buyers.   If a non-residential property is added to the site, it may still be suitable for our users if a HNW/UHNW tends to be the end-buyer for that particular type of property (e.g. boutique hotels, residential investment portfolios, residential development opportunities).

  12. Where can I register to buy and sell off market properties?

    To register for our service, please click here.