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Posted by on September 22, 2016
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Discreet Property Marketing

discreet property marketing

Discreet property marketing. The global Ultra High Net Worth (UHNW) population now stands at well over 200,000 individuals (Wealth-X – individuals with net assets of $30m+).  In the current political and economic climate, the business interests and assets of the wealthy are under increasing scrutiny.  Security – both from a personal and property perspective – is an increasing concern.  Aside from a number of other motivating factors, these points alone create a compelling case for owners of luxury residences to use a discreet property marketing strategy.

Key considerations for discreet property marketing

Once the decision to discreetly sell a property (‘off-market’) has been made, there are a number of key considerations;

  • The level of discretion required.  Is the main aim to keep the property (and images) out of the public domain by not listing on a public property portal OR is an extremely discreet ‘whisper’ campaign required?
  • Is an estate agent to be instructed or will an alternative approach be utilised? Whilst our recommendation is always to use an agent for such a transaction, there are nevertheless some sellers who decide to carry out the marketing themselves.  Evidently, this is particularly difficult with an off market property as the seller’s reach will only be as effective as the extent of their own network.
  • Will the agent have complete discretion over who views the property? Depending on the reasons for selling an off market property, some sellers may want the final say on who views their property (both physically and in print/digital format).
  • Whether Non Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) are required.  As discretion is key in an off market property transaction, many sellers will decide that the use of an NDA is prudent and logical.  Although some real estate practitioners do question the practicalities of enforcing an NDA, particularly across different jurisdictions, the use of this document does signal intent from the seller’s side. Although it can slow down the sharing of property-specific information, it is reasonable to assert that where discretion is key, there is little downside to using an NDA.


    The various different reasons for, and methods of, discreetly marketing a property mean that each off market property listing should be considered on its own merits.  The Ultra Primus members-only, off market property platform enables property agents/representatives to use their discretion when listing a property to ensure that the requirements of each client are met.  Whether the listing is ultra-discreet (with no identifying information or image sharing prior to a signed-NDA) or more flexible (where the main goal may be avoiding the creation of a digital footprint), the Ultra Primus network is a key tool to efficiently and cost-effectively market a property out of the public domain.

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